The accessories on the show this season gave me a lot of style inspiration

The 2022 Autumn/Winter Fashion Week has come to a perfect conclusion, especially when watching the shows in Paris and Milan. One after another wonderful presentation.

The accessories on the show this season gave me a lot of style inspiration

Maybe Because there are more offline shows this year, everyone's enthusiasm for Fashion Week has also rekindled a lot. I believe everyone has appreciated the various show pictures, and then zoomed back to see the detailed pictures, and found that many of the accessories are worth planting grass!

The accessories on the show this season gave me a lot of style inspiration

 Chanel Fall 2022 Ready-to- WearChanel Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Sometimes the beauty of fashion is often achieved by the last 20% of accessories. In general, the trend of accessories on this year's show is "to have a sense of presence". No matter where it is worn, it is not only used as a finishing touch, but even if it is taken out alone, it can be tasted carefully:

The accessories on the show this season gave me a lot of style inspiration

Necklaces on the autumn and winter show

 Chanel Fall 2022 Ready-to-WearChanel Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear< p > Chanel's necklaces seem to be directly integrated into the soul of fashion. It is worth mentioning that you can also try the way of using small bags and pendants as necklaces!

 Chloé Fall 2022 Ready-to- WearChloé Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

put together a large metal necklace and a soft top, which has a feminine and powerful aesthetic. Chloé also gave us another matching inspiration: nude colors and metal accessories are really fashionable together.

 Acne Studios Fall 2022 Ready-to -WearAcne Studios Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Accessories with a bit of an old feel, don't have to be so delicate, but have a charm that has been polished by time.

Demonstration of celebrity bloggers

Knitwear in various colors in spring. Although the V-neck design on the chest is relatively thinner, it always feels a little empty. The elongated necklace adds some sophistication to the shape, and also makes the lines around the neck more charming.

Qiu Tian This look has been praised from last year to this year. The more basic the color of the clothing, the more suitable it is to be a blank canvas, and add "jewelry" to it, adding a bit of extravagance to the sexiness out of thin air.

Some basics If you want to increase the style of the sweater, you can also use the necklace to complete it. Subtle changes in a little detail make the look more attitude.

Earrings on the autumn and winter show

 Saint Laurent Fall 2022 Ready-to-WearSaint Laurent Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Saint Laurent is very good at completing the heroine's shape, metal geometric earrings are hung on the suit On, the sharp sense of fashion is immediately there.

 Valentino Fall 2022 Ready-to- WearValentino Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

This year, Valentino has been "playing" pink a lot, even earrings. I have to say that this kind of highly saturated earrings has a sense of art.

 Lanvin Fall 2022 Ready-to- WearLanvin Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

The three-dimensional earrings are the kind of earrings that have a sense of presence and are not overly exaggerated. Liven up the look.

Demonstration of celebrity bloggers

When it comes to having a sense of presence, you must not ignore the shiny tassel earrings. The light that floats and refracts as you walk makes the whole person much more agile.

Slim skirt It expresses more feminine femininity. If you hang heavy metal earrings, it will neutralize the "excessive" brought by the tight body, but it will be more charming.

spring For accessories, you can choose the kind of light and flowing metal necklaces and earrings to mix and match, which adds some calm and rational feeling to the matching of coats and sweaters, so that the matching of spring clothes will not be dull and boring.

Belts on the autumn and winter show

 Hermès Fall 2022 Ready-to-WearHermès Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Many big-name shows this season have belt elements, and Hermès alone accounts for nearly Half of the look emphasizes the lightness and elegance.

 Miu Miu Fall 2022 Ready-to -WearMiu Miu Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

The shape of Miu Miu's belt this year can be described as "fire".

 Balmain Fall 2022 Ready-to- WearBalmain Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Unisex belts like "armor" can be seen everywhere in this year's show. The combination of leather and metal has an immediate style even with a solid color dress .

Demonstration of celebrity bloggers

The belt is really a very useful accessory, especially for petite people, it can redefine the proportion of the upper and lower body. Like a blogger, choose some neat coats, plus the blessing of the belt, it will be more neat and stylish.

Supermodel Liu Wen already has an enviable good proportion, and the addition of a belt makes her "where the waist is, the legs are".

Belt card On the charming waist line, highlighting the beauty of the figure is another kind of subtle and elegant beauty.

Zhao Jin Mai provided some fresh collocation inspirations. The combination of suits, belts and denim wide-leg pants is full of retro feeling. And her original "little girl" was shaped like this, and she felt a bit yuppie.

Although accessories account for a small area in our overall look, it is easy to create a sense of atmosphere with a little effort to match them. Enjoy the joy of matching, start with small accessories today.



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