Athflow walks on the walls of formal wear and sports

In the post-epidemic era,

Athflow walks on the walls of formal wear and sports

People spend far more time at home than before,

Athflow walks on the walls of formal wear and sports

This also subtly affects

Athflow walks on the walls of formal wear and sports

A more comfortable and comfortable dressing experience has become a lot more important

Athflow style came into being,

easy, convenient and formal full marks.

The word Athflow comes from Athleisure (sports Casual style) and Flow (flow) are combined to refer to a style that wears sports and leisure style elegantly. The term was first proposed by the picture-sharing website Pinterest in last year's trend forecast, and it also gave an official definition of Athflow: When athletic meets elegance – that's athflow.

You can wear Athflow-style fashion to appear at work, or you can lie comfortably on the sofa. This is a new mix-and-match style that is suitable for many occasions and is compatible with formal and casual sports.

Simply put The Athflow style is now popular when you mix and match heavy suits, coats, etc. with sportswear, baseball caps, shoes and other sports items.

Our friend Gu Ailing really likes this style, sports sweater with black suit, graffiti elements It looks playful and cute.

As an athlete, she prefers Wear slim-fit Crop Top and cycling shorts, mix and match a black suit jacket with a heavy silhouette, casual and handsome.

There are countless fashionistas who wear Athflow style, but Hailey Bieber is definitely one of them when it comes to wearing this style in a natural and eye-catching way.

She is very good at matching sports suits with different styles of jackets to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It looks very everyday, but in fact, as long as you look carefully, you will find that there are hidden Hailey's outfit is careful.

Oversize coat is made by beavers to create Athflow style For her usual single product, she likes to choose a jacket with a larger silhouette and a stiffer fabric, so that even a looser hooded sweater can be perfectly held, and a pair of slim leggings. Take it hard.

In addition to hoodies, a uniform color sweater suit is also a versatile choice for matching coats. This kind of work looks very comfortable at first glance, and the work efficiency can be quickly improved.

The oversized suit jacket is also a beaver A single product that often appears in street looks. Compared with slim-fit styles, she prefers a neutral suit jacket with shoulder pads. The Welsh plaid is matched with a white shirt and baseball cap, which will not be too bulky and add a sense of layering to the shape.

The essence of Athflow lies in the ease and freedom of mixing and matching. As a result, Beaver is less likely to be limited to sportswear that has to be slip-on. She will mix and match sports bras on jeans and stack them with suits to show off her sports bra generously. This superior abdominal muscle is also enviable.

With the arrival of spring, bright colors The suit jacket can not only capture the breath of spring, but also make the whole look more lightweight. In the season of warm spring and flowers blooming, everything is full of vitality.

The comfort and freedom of Athflow let beavers Accidentally became the wild spokesperson of this style. So how do we capture the essence of this style of dressing?

Just like the relaxed, comfortable and elegant Athflow style, its matching rules are actually very simple, just remember Pair your formals with athleisure. An elegant and generous long coat with a casual sports sweater suit is the most common combination, but remember to choose a long coat with a looser and larger silhouette to look more casual.

Hoodie sweater suit with coat If you are not careful from time to time, it will make people look bloated, so it is more suitable for slender, slender fashionistas. If you really love hoodies and sweaters, then choose a jacket with a larger profile than it to make people look petite and not visually fat.

You can also use the original sports bundle Replace leggings with tight leggings, and a coat of just the right length can not only hide your lack of figure, but also reduce the visual burden.

Wearing a silhouette coat with sports For casual wear, we try our best to choose styles with different colors. The visual contrast will not only increase the layering of the shape, but also make it look thinner.

A long coat is easy if you are not careful It makes people look short, which has little effect on tall girls, but for fashionistas on short planets, choosing a suit jacket with sports and leisure clothes will be a more reliable choice. The sporty slim crop top is paired with cycling shorts and a loose plaid suit jacket, which is casual and elegant enough to show off the strengths of the figure.

With the rise of Athflow, knitting elements become more popular. It is also a good choice to choose knitted sports underwear and shorts, and the overall atmosphere is softer and more elegant.

The attractive point of Athflow lies in its Between formal and casual, wandering in the boundary of elegance and casualness. In terms of styling, we choose a comfortable freestyle like this.

We cannot Refuse to be comfortable,

Just as we cannot refuse to be exquisite,

In the season of recovery of all things, let us try the Athflow style

to combine comfort and elegance .

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