Do you also like to wear black and white? This match looks better

Although pink and tender should be worn in spring, some people like simple and cold colors, so today we will take a look at the most simple black and white Let's dress it up!

Do you also like to wear black and white? This match looks better


Do you also like to wear black and white? This match looks better

As a typical example of black and white matching, the fashion sense of the checkerboard comes from the use of geometric design.

Do you also like to wear black and white? This match looks better

Diamond Elements and neat lines separate the black and white colors quite clearly, adding a cool girl atmosphere virtually. And as a fashion point, the black and white checkerboard is classic enough and not easy to overturn, which is better for ordinary people to control than fancy styles.

If you think The shape of the checkerboard is still not low-key enough, and the geometric horizontal line elements are much calmer in comparison.

horizontal lines It is no longer a new species in the fashion circle, but it has been loved by the public all the year round, and it is still inseparable from its versatility.

Black and white interlaced The lines can be matched with almost any single product, and the revealed low-key and elegant atmosphere can add points to the temperament.

Full body white As the base tone, black pinstripes run across to directly add fashion.

Same It's black and white, and it's quite elegant to wear like this.


The simpler the color scheme, the easier it is to wear, without adding too many elements, it is enough to captivate the soul. The matching method of the same color system is the first choice for wearing this set of color schemes. A simple color brings the most harmonious and high-quality texture.

All in one On the basis of black, add a small area of white, just a bag or even a pair of shoes can instantly wake up the vitality.

Or on a white basis, add a touch of black Suppress the lightness of white.

Ordinary people The white suit, which is difficult to control, is too tense. The addition of a small black bag and sunglasses shrinks the tension and seems to make people feel more secure.

Or directly Use a black suit jacket to wear a wanton and chic urban heroine style.

Our wardrobe There are all kinds of little black dresses that are necessary in the winter. In this hot and cold season, you can also use a white sweater as a shawl. The lazy way of wearing seems to have faded away from the tiredness of the whole body.

stand At the beginning of spring, I have already begun to think about the sweetness of summer. Trends come and go, but the temptation of white T is still my first choice for summer clothes.


The simpler the color matching, the more you need to pay attention to the details if you want to wear it well. The proportion of colors, layers of layering, and matching of mix and match styles are all basic knowledge of dressing and matching.

white shirt The classic combination with suit pants, simple color matching and simple design, but so breathtaking.

Rebellious, wear a black shirt with white pants, unbutton a few buttons, more relaxed and wanton.

Commuter wear The necessary black suit, mix and match white pants or simple white skirt are all good ideas for the current athflow style.

If you are bold, you might as well use contrasting colors for visual impact Strength starts to change from the upper body. Is a black shirt with a white vest more attractive than a suit?

more chic Uninhibited, then wear leather. The collocation of retro style will instantly bring you back to the urban exquisite beauty of the 1990s, which is both fashionable and individual.

Or you can Take a cue from chic and create a layered look at the neckline. The retro large lapel, or the faintly exposed neckline, is the most natural to wear casually.


Black is calm and powerful, but it is easy to get dull. White is clean and soft, but it is particularly picky about skin tone. The ratio of black and white needs to be adjusted according to body shape and skin tone. Small people with a thin body are especially easy to be overwhelmed by black. You can let white appear more in the matching, or even just let black be used as belt, shoes, and bag embellishment.

Body shape If you are overweight, you can turn black to appear in a large area. Most of the time, black is a slender color, and then you can expose your skin properly or decorate it with white.

Skin color Dark, flat facial features are not suitable for black, it will only make the complexion worse, as dull as after a long time of suffering, so let more white be close to the face.

Fair complexion If it is bright, it needs to be pure black or white, otherwise it will easily appear that the clothes are dirty, and it will not look clean no matter how you wear it.

black and white , is the simplest but most classic set of colors in the fashion circle. No matter how the trend changes, they seem to have all-encompassing magic, gradually fading away the wearer's emotions, leaving a thought-provoking infinite charm. Especially at the moment when the minimalist style prevails, the reinterpreted black and white is full of vitality and infinite possibilities.

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