Go out in fashion, maybe you can try the popular mermaid style

Whether it is a fairy tale world or a fantasy novel,

Go out in fashion, maybe you can try the popular mermaid style

We all have beautiful imaginations about mermaids,

Go out in fashion, maybe you can try the popular mermaid style

Numerous interpretations of the mermaid image have also been born.

Go out in fashion, maybe you can try the popular mermaid style

Similarly, in the fashion world, many fashionistas,

have created beautiful mermaid fashion styles,

arousing our respect for Yearning for a pure and beautiful world.

In the just-concluded hit drama "Like an Old Man Returning" In the movie, Di Lieba, who talked about love with the mermaid, earned us enough tears. This oriental mermaid love is really fascinating. Although Reba in the play is a spirit master, but outside the play, he is also a walking mermaid promotion ambassador.

Mosaic, The slim dress decorated with various rhinestones and sequins, the unfolded mermaid skirt is dotted with starlight, and the shiny pearl Choker on the neck is the finishing touch, like a mermaid under the sea, cool and noble.

Reba's mermaid style is not only superior in appearance, but also Intentionally expressive. This blue gradient mermaid dress can glow like ripples under the sunlight, much like a mermaid girl resting lazily on the shining sea.

Same A beauty with strong face, Nazha's mermaid style is more like being placed in the underwater world, the waves of the waves are projected on the body, and the bead string decoration on the chest has the feeling of a pearl shell, and the mermaid style is full of radiance.

Gorgeous, The eye-catching mermaid style is very suitable for use on the red carpet. Zendaya appeared on the Oscars red carpet in a dress specially customized for her by Valentino. The ultra-short satin shirt with stomach exposed showed her superior abdominal muscles, while The floor-length silver sequined skirt shines with a charming edge, and Zendaya's mermaid style adds a sense of chic.

The characteristic of the mermaid style is that the whole body is wrapped like fish scales Glittering details, little K (Stewart), who has always been out of the circle with a variety of styles, also has his own taste in interpreting the mermaid style. Wearing a plain suspender slim sequin dress with a retro hairstyle in the 90s, it is full of high-end.

Of course, when we mention mermaid style, we must not I will forget the mermaid princess in Disney animation. Kylie Jenner once dressed herself as a mermaid princess in a fairy tale on Halloween, with scarlet long hair, shell bra, and fishtail skirt. . . . . . Just like a real mermaid princess going ashore.

When it comes to the mermaid style of the show, we must mention the CHENPENG 2021 autumn and winter series. Under the theme of "THE NEW LAND", the models Transformed into a mermaid, wearing an oversized down mermaid skirt, even her bra was customized in the shape of a shell. Her long scarlet curly hair is warm and charming, and the overall look has a beauty beyond reality.

Compared with CHENPENG's approximate restoration of mermaid skirts, such as Alberta Ferretti, Ami, etc. are more inclined to Use some elements of mermaid style: sequins, tassels, fishnets, etc. to create a mermaid-like atmosphere. In the Alberta Ferretti 2022 spring and summer show, a scale-like sequin design was added to the gradient blue-green dress skirt, which was full of brilliance when walking.

Alberta Ferretti 2022 SS&n bsp;  ;Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti 2022 SS  Ready-to-Wear

This season, Ami captures the dreamy and blurred features of the mermaid style. The sparkling water surface is generally mysterious and extremely romantic.

Ami 2022 SS Ready- to-WearAmi 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

The silhouette of the fashion is also one of the key elements to reflect the mermaid style. The black dress dress on the Annakiki 2022 spring and summer show has an overall slim silhouette Spread out at the hem of the skirt, like the tail fins of a mermaid, bold and flamboyant.

Annakiki 2020 SS Ready-to -WearAnnakiki 2020 SS Ready-to-Wear

David Koma's mermaid style dress looks more rebellious and uninhibited. The extremely eye-catching fluorescent green is more aggressive and open with the addition of see-through sequins The feathered fishtail is full of sexual tension, and the mermaid style can also be full of punk.

David Koma 2022 SS Ready- to-WearDavid Koma 2022 SS Ready-to-Wear

The fishtail element can also be reflected with a layered skirt. Valentino's multi-layered sequined suspender skirt not only added sequined elements, but also carefully designed wave-like multi-layered decorations on the skirt, giving the feeling of wearing waves on the body.

Valentino 2022 SS Ready-to-WearValentino 20 22 SS Ready -to-Wear

In addition to fitting the mermaid style on the silhouette, the addition of elements closely related to the sea such as shells and conch can also make the fashion have a mermaid style. In this season, Rodarte re-collages a large number of small shells into a large shell to decorate the dress skirt, which naturally makes this body a mermaid style.

Rodarte 2022  SS Ready-to-WearRodart e 2022  SS  ;Ready-to-Wear

Although, mermaid style is more suitable for red carpet, The stage is the focal point of the light, but in daily life, we can also wear mermaid-style skirts and single products on vacation at the seaside or out on the street. A piece with sequin elements is one of the fashion items we can choose to create a mermaid style.

Using a dark suspender sequin skirt with a baseball cap like Xu Lu can greatly weaken the formality of the dress skirt and make the overall collocation more everyday and street.

You can also choose some simple sequin items, like Silver sequin skirts and Crop Top are good choices, which can capture the essence of the mermaid style without being too exaggerated.

Of course, the shell-shaped Bra Top can also be used To show the mermaid style, after all, the handbags of the mermaid princess are all made of shells. It is OK to use this shell bra with jeans and skirts, and it is easy to wear a mermaid style.

The re-popularity of the mermaid style means

People's desire for fairy tales.

The power of fairy tales is to allow us to pursue precious dreams without fear of wind and rain in the adult world


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