Now such a popular new Chinese style, can it be worn everyday?

Source: "New Chinese style" is popular again

Now such a popular new Chinese style, can it be worn everyday?

Original title: Now such a popular new Chinese style, everyday really Can I wear it?

Now such a popular new Chinese style, can it be worn everyday?

At the end of March just past, a 🍑 teamed up with the global trend forecasting agency WGSN to release the "2022 Spring and Summer Fashion Trend Report", summarizing the eight spring and summer fashion trends of this spring and summer, among which What people pay attention to is - [New Chinese style].

Now such a popular new Chinese style, can it be worn everyday?

You may Like the poster editors, I am delighted with this new keyword~

In fact, whether it is the new Chinese style, or the "Chinese style" that was often said a few years ago. Whether it is in the fashion industry or in everyone's perception, the most typical representative of Chinese style must be inseparable from the cheongsam.

Hollywood Girl Anna May was one of the first women to show the cheongsam to the Western world. Her cheongsam style became a source of inspiration for many designers later, among them the pirate Lord John Galliano (we will talk about this part later).

From the 1950s to the 1960s, "Chinese style "It began to be popular in European and American countries, and the most popular actresses at that time—Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly both wore cheongsams.

There are a large number of garment factories in Hong Kong exporting cheongsams to Western markets. A New York clothing manufacturer named Bud Berman seized the business opportunity, set up a factory in Hong Kong, and improved the cheongsam to be more in line with Western aesthetics.

At that time, the cheongsam began to be very close-fitting, highlighting the thin waist and hips of women as much as possible. Many of the cheongsams we see now are tailored similar to Hong Kong cheongsams in the 1960s.

Wearing Chinese-style cheongsam on the face lacks charm, but seeing classic fashion icons like Grace Kelly regard cheongsam as a "distinctive fashion", I am somewhat proud.

reached 90 In the 1990s, John Galliano, a pirate who loved oriental elements, contributed countless amazing cheongsam designs during his time at Dior. Dior's 1997 autumn and winter series of women's clothing is inspired by Huang Liushuang's poster style.

The whole series The most famous dress in the show is the dress that Nicole Kidman wore to the 69th Academy Awards. This look was also named "Oscar's Top Ten Red Carpet Dresses" that year.

Strict sense Generally speaking, this dress has no stand-up collar and buttons, so it is not considered a cheongsam. But the tailoring and side slit design can still see the soul of the cheongsam. The lustrous silk fabric, the embroidery on the neckline and the tassels on the back have both Chinese charm and John Galliano's exclusive romance.

These two The "new Chinese style" became popular in 2000, and the cheongsam has returned to fashion again. So, what does the popular cheongsam look like this year?

Improved cheongsam became popular and successfully entered the clothing of young people One of the reasons for this is that they are more convenient to move around than the traditional cheongsam. Indeed, if a piece of clothing cannot adapt to changes in society, its ultimate fate is to be placed in a museum.

Wearability increased, and the style of the improved cheongsam also began to diversify. The graceful and dignified traditional cheongsam is certainly a kind of beauty, but the younger generation prefers individuality in dressing, and different styles of improved cheongsam satisfy different groups of people.

The Chinese designer brand SHUSHU TONG made the cheongsam into the brand's iconic silhouette, retaining the usual ghostly girly style. Cheongsam doesn't have to be close-fitting, it can also be an A-line skirt.

Cheongsam by Kim Shui, an Asian American designer brand It is the favorite of European and American hot girls. The extremely close fit and high skin exposure allow hot girls to show off their figures.

Virtual Idol Miquela also wore Kim Shui's modified cheongsam suit. This one splits the cheongsam into upper and lower pieces, and many new Chinese improved cheongsams have made a similar attempt - changing a dress into a suit.

This top also hollows out the traditional teardrop neckline to make it bigger, exposing the waistline, and the overall "spiciness" rises sharply.

Spanish brand De La Vali also loves cheongsam very much. Most of the cheongsams of this brand will keep the stand-up collar and buttons, but some changes may be made on the sleeves and skirt.

For example, this pink cheongsam, which is popular on ins, has made the sleeves into puff sleeves, and added ruffles to the skirt, making it more girly.

De La Laura Castro, the founder of Vali, also often posted photos of herself wearing her own cheongsam on her ins. Short cheongsam with cowboy boots is a very popular way to wear new Chinese style.

De La Vali's latest polka-dot cheongsam tailoring this year It is more similar to the pink one, but the polka dots obviously make it more retro, with a decrease in sweetness and an increase in salinity.

blogger Jen Ceballos directly used it with a motorcycle jacket, stockings and mid-tube boots. It can be seen that there are no style restrictions on the improved cheongsam, and everyone can completely decide its aesthetic direction according to their own style.

There is an improved cheongsam from the independent designer brand JUNYANG in the poster shop. If you are looking for it, this one should meet your needs👇

Click on the picture and buy it now!

JUNYANG Cheongsam with Right Angle Backless

Reference Price: 1,980CNY

This improved cheongsam has a very distinctive wide shoulder design, and the right angle shoulder shows The head is small and the effect is full, and the aura is very strong. And not only the backless, but also the side waist is hollowed out.

The whole is 100% silk material, the fabric texture and luster The length is good, and it is very suitable to be worn as a "maverick" little dress. The flowers on the buckle are also very Chinese-style. The editor found that if you want to wear a cheongsam with a new feeling, it is very important to show your skin, and more importantly, you must retain some charm in the details.

If you If you really want to try the new Chinese style, but don’t want to wear a cheongsam, you might as well start with jewelry. After all, jewelry is small in size and has a higher fault tolerance rate, which is suitable for junior players of the new Chinese style!

Do you still remember the Ralph Lauren 2011 autumn ready-to-wear collection that was blown up in the fashion circle when it was launched? The theme of this season is "Flowers in the Mirror and Moon in the Water", inspired by the beach.

In addition to Chinese style elements such as cheongsam and silk, there are also a lot of jade jewelry. Not to mention the very oriental style, the styling of the whole show is not fussy, and it has great reference significance for daily wear.

The earrings are One of the highlights of the show.

Jade rings, hollowed-out jade pendants, these traditional Chinese jadeite jewelry were spliced together by Mr. Ralph Lauren with other Chinese red or black materials, and designed into earrings. Most of the earrings are long-line earrings, which have a Chinese charm and can also elongate the face.

But with a long face Girls are not suitable for the long earrings above. In contrast, this ⬆️ "small gourd" will be more suitable. The round jade ring also has the effect of softening the face shape.

The bag chain is really beautiful!

Ralph Lauren also stitched out a long necklace with emerald green and Chinese red. Beads of different sizes are strung together to have a more layered sense, and it is also very good as a chain bag!

Dare to wear The Diva can directly refer to our Japanese mother-in-law Rihanna, this emerald stack is also perfect. She combined jade jewelry, which represents the introverted and gentle aesthetics of the East, with street-style tie-dye, challenging many people who like traditional Chinese style, right?

But we feel that we can be more open about this matter. We have our traditional wearing method, and they have their own understanding and development. This kind of cultural hybrid may burst out more vitality . As long as there is no malicious intent, we should allow these "mashup" interpretations to exist.

Except jade , European and American babes also try various Chinese totem jewelry most often. It can also be understood that for Westerners, totems are relatively simple and easy to understand.

Before Kendall I once wore a pair of Chinese dragon totem earrings, which had a strong sense of presence. As soon as the picture came out, the editor ran to search for the same style!

This earring is from jewelry brand Natia X Lako, stone My sister also wore it at the concert.

Natia X Lako likes to make all kinds of animals In addition to dragons, there are also snakes, beetles, seahorses, etc., if you like this kind of plain gold jewelry with a large size, you can pay attention to it.

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