No love line, they are brave and beautiful

In Hollywood blockbusters,

No love line, they are brave and beautiful

major female characters

No love line, they are brave and beautiful

do not exist because of emotional relationships with other male characters,

No love line, they are brave and beautiful

Without participating in the construction of romance and love,

What movies and characters do you think of?

What kind of space can these female characters without a love line get to play? How do they participate in the construction and reversal of the plot, and leave a three-dimensional and vivid impression on the audience? We might as well re-discover where are the women who were not born for "love" in commercial blockbusters - how did they appear on the stage, and what kind of heroic and beautiful figures did they leave behind in the light and shadow of the screen?

In Michael Bay's new film "Ambulance" In the movie, the heroine Cam, played by actress Aisha Gonzalez, is an emergency medical worker who was hijacked by a pair of desperate brothers as a customs clearance tool in the process of rescuing people on duty. As a Latino woman alienated, deeply romanticized and sexualized onscreen, Gonzalez could certainly transform into a Megan Fox-esque hottie. But in this film, she always wears a professional uniform, not as a part of the visual stimulation, haunting the masculine setting constructed by mechs and war, but using her professionalism to resolve crises, and using a more universal human power Bring the audience into the special situation set in the film.

Ambulance" heroine single character poster

Although it is also a little red among the green bushes, Cam is not only an embellished existence, but also able to find his own focus in the complex vine structure dominated by men . In the process of growing up and becoming three-dimensional, the character constantly affects the direction of the story. She regulates the delicate and tense relationship between the desperate brothers, and also serves as a temporary and important connection between the police and the robbers.

Aisha Gonzalez has starred in many Hollywood blockbusters such as "Fast and Furious", "Alita", "Godzilla vs. King Kong". It is to play the role of a professional medical staff who is not chaotic.

'Of course the screen must show the interaction and relationship between people, but at the same time, we also need female characters who are not completely driven by love. We do many, many things, but we don't act for love all the time. ’ Aisha Gonzalez mentioned in the interview. It is true that love has never been the whole of human emotions, and the weakness of women should not be that they are more emotional than men. Putting the image of Cam into the wider pedigree of Hollywood blockbusters, we realize that female characters who are not troubled by love between men and women are not common, and the behavior subjects with three-dimensional professional identities and personal norms are also very rare. Precious enough.

When Cam debuted, she ran to the scene of the car accident skillfully , entering the space inside the car to face the trapped little girl. In this crisis, the affinity of women to children is clearly revealed. Then at a working lunch with new colleagues, Cam was cold, treating work as work, and not caring whether he was cute or not. Before the pursuit trip, her professionalism and professional attitude were established; after being held hostage, the ambulance became a human testing ground, and her past experience and psychological complexity were further unfolded.

Chaoying Blockbuster heroine solo movies often arouse public opinion controversy, and gender first is part of its product strategy

The "professional women" in Hollywood blockbusters have always been scarce, or we have never consciously To analyze female roles from a professional perspective. Super-British blockbusters such as "Wonder Woman" and "Captain Marvel" focus on female power. The appearance of female heroes carries a clear and firm feminist label. They maintain the order of the universe on the screen and incarnate women in the field of real public opinion. A symbol of self-awareness. In the field of action movies that emphasize adrenaline, the "Fast and Furious" series, as a typical example, has established a stereotyped way for women to show their abilities. They defend their belief in "family" with them with a heroic posture that is not inferior to men. It's a pity that once they leave the group, they will be alone.

More often than not, the 'professional women' in blockbuster films are easily reduced to objects that need to be protected. The female reporter Louise in "Superman: Man of Steel" and the butler Pepper in "Iron Man" have specific career settings. When the real crisis comes, the skills they are good at are not used. space, their romantic relationship with the male protagonist is the focus of attention. An independent and strong woman is still fragile after all, and needs love and care. This kind of logic of commercial dramas dominated by male thinking has long been common.

Male hero In the story line of the story, the woman protected by it has always existed

A positive and familiar example is the dream played by Allen/Elliot Page in "Inception" Designer Ariadne, she was selected and included in the team because of her outstanding spatial structure ability, and played an important role in the follow-up collective work. Even if the most critical female character is the deceased wife of the hero Cobb (her death is more directly related to the dream boundary discussed in the film), Ariadne has not become a tasteless participant, It was under her company and questioning that Cobb revealed his past with his late wife step by step. Women's exploration of other people's traumatic history has nothing to do with spying, nor is it aggressive. They look forward to caring and mutual understanding in a compassionate gesture.

In the team There are only a handful of female characters who act as the 'brain'

Creating a three-dimensional female image actually includes the affirmation and re-discovery of femininity. "Ambulance" does not deliberately de-gender Cam. As an ambulance, Cam's natural gender is also an advantage. She is more empathetic, which is different from most functional officials in the police system. She is unflappable and courageous in the face of manic gangsters, and delicately captures the moral dilemmas faced by retired black men. During this dangerous adventure, Cam has no 'super power' other than professional skills, nor has he developed a 'love line', only needs to show enough professionalism, tolerance and kindness as human beings , a beautiful figure is filled with concrete flesh and blood.

In an interview, Aisha Gonzalez Si analyzed that there are three inherent paradigms for female characters in action movies, as the lover of the main character, as the victim who needs to be rescued, and as the supporting male protagonist's narrative collocation. Not only in action movies, but in any type of film creation, women are often framed into social relationships before revealing their individuality. Lover, lover, mother, daughter. . . . . . The gender roles in these established routines allow them to exist because of their blood or emotional relationship with others, and these relationships are more likely to occupy the center of the narrative. One way to return the initiative to women is to establish them first as individuals, not as partners in a relationship.

Rep Ripley was first established as an individual capable of acting on her own. With the development of the "Alien" series, she gradually has more complex social and human relations.

Looking back at film history, the heroine of the "Alien" series, Ripley, is a Hollywood actress. One of the most famous female characters in history. Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, encounters the notorious space monster with her fellow astronauts in space in Ridley Scott's first series. When she first appeared, she was just a member of the team, an 'ordinary person' without more skills and specialties. The human companions were wiped out one by one by the aliens. During the lonely space voyage, Ripley had to constantly use her wisdom to avoid powerful external creatures, and also struggled with her inner fear.

Ripley is remembered first as a determined, intelligent, unflappable female individual who is not yet someone's someone, her character and image through her space situation and special come to the fore. In the second part, she added the identity of a mother to her role tag. Driven by her motherhood, Ripley had the courage to fight against the aliens to the end; and later, with the enhancement of her abilities, her screen image began to be a hero Humanization and superhumanization, in constant negotiations with extraterrestrial civilizations, she bears the fate of human beings and launches self-salvation. Her screen image continues to evolve. She becomes a mother and a host, and has richer social relationships. During the in-depth battle with aliens, her motherhood and divinity gradually attach to her.

Looking closer, Ana de Armas' rookie agent Paloma in No Time to Die is a lovely example. She was sent to assist Bond to complete the task. When she appeared on the stage, her appearance was extremely suitable for the public's expectations for the beauty of a "Bond girl", but when the task was in progress, she was "abnormally" indifferent to Bond's sexual hints. The business ability left a strong mark on the film, and then he exited the scene with a high expression. Paloma does not have many roles but has a bright image. The reason is that she escaped the romantic trap of the male and female partners in the spy film, and killed one party vigorously, without taking into account the 007 who needs to maintain her masculinity.

Beautiful The agent caters to the male gaze while provoking his authority, countering the routine, which is impressive.

Genre films naturally have their own rules, and Hollywood commercial productions still have to follow the logic of the market. The breaking point may lie in finding as much space as possible to release women's initiative. In the character coordinates of the characters, gender is no longer a prerequisite measure to cover up their individual charm. The establishment of a multi-image map is to gather more from less. Ripley may have become an unrepeatable legend, but we can expect more Cams and Palomas to appear.

Seniors who have struggled to open up the space for women's discourse,

They don't have to be alone,

They don't have to be confined to the battle of master and partner.

When they can enter and leave the screen freely,

With their ability and wisdom

they actively seek their own position in the relationship network of various stories,


New trends will flow naturally.

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