Punk revival, "spike hairstyle" in the 90s is back

Since entering 2022, from Avril Lavigne's return with a new album "Love Sux", to Machine Gun Kelly's collaboration with Willow Smith The huge repercussions caused by the song "emo girl" in the music industry are announcing the fact that punk music has officially returned.

Punk revival,

While we're focusing on bringing back the punk aesthetic to music, culture, and clothing, there's one particularly specific hairstyle that's quietly becoming popular—the Spiky hair.

Punk revival,

Punk spike hairstyles are popular again

Punk revival,

Lil Uzi VertLil Uzi Vert

Whether it is Liberty spikes with obvious spikes in the 70s and 80s , or the scattered spikes and spiked buns in the late 90s. The quirky, rebellious, visually intense hairstyle has found its way into pop star looks.

Lil Uzi VertLil Uzi Vert

Back in March, This hairstyle has revealed the precursor of popularity. When rapper Lil Uzi Vert took to Instagram to reveal a new look for his towering black spikes after removing the diamonds encrusted on his brow, people immediately noticed the difference.

Robert Pattinson's spiky look at GQ US Robert Pattinson's spiked look at GQ US 

At the same time, this hairstyle also appeared on Robert Pattinson's head. In the shooting of the March issue of the US version of "GQ", he showed us two different styles of spiked hair, bleached and brown.

Compared with boys' spiky hairstyles, girls prefer to pick out strands of hair in a bun to shape them into a spiky shape.

 Doja Cat  Grammy Awards Ceremony Red Carpet StyleDoja Cat Grammy Awards Ceremony Red Carpet StyleDoja Cat Grammy Winner LookDoja Cat Grammy Winner Look

At the 2022 Grammy Awards, Doja Cat was the first person of the night to sport this unusual hairstyle Those who appeared on the red carpet saw spikes fixed with gel protruding from her platinum messy bun hairstyle. According to the stylist, the inspiration came from '90s grunge rock stars.

Later at the awards ceremony, when Doja Cat won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with SZA for "Kiss Me More", she wore another black high bun with spikes Deepen and promote this trend.

Billie Eilish / Tia TiaBillie Eilish / Tia Tia

However, Doja Cat wasn't the only star who rocked the look of the night. Hair trendsetter Billie Eilish chooses a languorous spiky hairstyle to match a black gown, reminiscent of early 2000s pop stars.

Compared with the first two, singer Tia Tia's head is similar to the star-shaped spikes of the animated Cynthia doll, which is more retro and nostalgic.

 rock singer Yung Bludrock singer Yung Blud

Looking back at two years ago, except for a group of punk singers In addition to the show, the spike hairstyle is still a hairstyle that deviates from the mainstream aesthetics and is almost avant-garde.

 @uglyworldwide@uglyworldwideBritish niche brand Jaded London LookbookBritish niche brand Jaded London Lookbook

Now, if you read fashion magazines and brand Lookbooks, It can be easily noticed that this hairstyle has gradually spread from the marginalized style of society to the public view.

Retrospect and development of punk spike hairstyle

70s Spikes70s Spikes

One of the most popular hairstyles of 2022, the spikes have come a long way. The origin of this hairstyle can be traced back to the Celts during the Roman Empire. In order to show the symbol of power and strength, they especially like to whiten their hair with chalk or calcium water to make it very hard.

 70's spiky shape70's spiked shape

From the 70 of the 20th century, punk began to take this hairstyle to the extreme, as a movement separating mainstream and counterculture, subcultures used this exaggerated style to express their dissent from the establishment , Punk hairstyles have also become a major symbol of rebellion and subversion in public.

In terms of appearance, the spikes of the 70's were so tall and sharp that they were soon dubbed 'Liberty Spikes' due to their resemblance to the Statue of Liberty's crown.

 80s   thorn head shape80s stabbed heads

After the arrival of the 80s , punk began to gradually form its own style. With the development, change and separation of subcultures. The hairstyles of this period are no longer as extreme and shocking as the early punk, replaced by more comfortable and natural prickly styles.

This continued for the next two decades, with Post Punk, Grunge, and Emo rock continuing the spirit of the original punk movement, giving people a style that set them apart from the mainstream.

Pink on the MTV red carpetPink looks on the MTV red carpet

As the year 2000 approached, pop-punk made its mark on the entire music industry, and singers continued to draw inspiration from it. During the MTV era, the red carpet reached a fever pitch with the exaggerated hairstyle trend. Where P! nk Get creative with neon pink hair color and create eye-catching spikes to elevate the hairstyle for punk.

But the difference is that this American punk style presents a mainstream culture with a look to match - people choose to avoid the extreme, flashy original punk stab hairstyle, Create a more slouchy, messy look, as if to convey the casual attitude of 'I don't care what I look like'.

Top:   David Beckham / Brad Pitt

Bottom: Leonardo DiCaprio / Jake Gyllenhaal

Led by public figures such as Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal   since the turn of the millennium, a style seen as marginalized by society has found a new way for celebrities of all kinds , and became a popular hairstyle for men that year.

Top:   Rihanna / Saweetie 

Bottom: lMiley Cyrus / Rico Nasty&nb sp;

< p> In recent years, with the interpretation of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and rappers  Rico Nasty  and  Saweetie , prickly hair has been reinvented as an avant-garde phenomenon.

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