The freedom to dress in spring and summer starts with the vest

Various, basic, practical, cool,

The freedom to dress in spring and summer starts with the vest

Variety of attributes make the matching of vests throughout the year.

The freedom to dress in spring and summer starts with the vest

Whether it is to create an intellectual city girl,

The freedom to dress in spring and summer starts with the vest

or reproduce the sweet and cool girl on the street,

Vest firmly occupies the C position of spring and summer single product.

Speaking of the most popular in spring and summer The only single product is the vest. Body-fitting fabrics and tailoring bring a touch of coolness to spring and summer, long or short tailoring, full of colorful summer colors, it is hard not to put it down, starting from a variety of materials, knitting, velvet, tulle, silk, etc. are also staged Each has its own strengths in various styles.

Coachella Music Festival is the biggest music event in April. It not only brings us an audio-visual feast, but also brings us the trend of summer. The freedom of dressing is fully reflected in the girls, and the vest is also one of the most photographed items.

Loose trousers with a work style style are the favorite of hot girls. From denim to knitting, from straps to pearl embellishments, all kinds of vests bring not only the beauty of the body Comfort and liberation are also the best embodiment of freedom in dressing.

Y2K wind

In recent years, the resurgence of wide-leg pants, flared pants and other fashion items all reflect that "fashion is a cycle". The Y2K style that has suddenly become popular in recent years also perfectly illustrates this point.

Computer Year 2000 Problem, also known as "Millennium Bug", "Millennium Crisis", "Computer Millennium Bug Problem", etc., the abbreviation is "Y2K".

Sweep away the downturn and dullness of the past , leading the new fashion with a futuristic and unconstrained attitude. The intersection of the millennium and the current fashion has also set off a wave of enthusiasm on the show floor and even in the fashion circle.

Sling is an important carrier of Y2K wind One of them is also loved by fashionistas. From various fluorescent colors to the combination and mix-and-match of different elements, it is exaggerated and grotesque but also extremely sexy.

When it comes to Y2K style, everyone will think of Hyuna Ono at the same time. From Hyuna-style manicure, to outfits and tattoos, the colors that seem very inconsistent are very reasonable on her body .

Sequins are her favourite, leopard prints and lace are also popular with Hyuna. At the same time, the waist is cut short, and it can be worn with wide-leg pants or miniskirts to show a full of hot girl style. In addition, one of the secrets of not overdoing the whole look is the selection of various accessories, which are small in size and uniform enough to balance the overall style just right.

Sister Pa's love for Y2K style can also be seen from her daily outfits, all kinds of novelties The tailoring and lines of , or the bright colors of pink or blue, jeans or miniskirts, which are called the best partners, all show their personality and style.

Exposing a large area of skin brings its own coolness At the same time, it can easily display a good figure, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Fishbone corsets are also very popular, full of contours, full of coolness, and outline With a curvy figure, paired with short skirts or overalls, it's easy for the hot girl.

The Exclusive Elegance of Linen and Silk

The intellectual and elegant style is often associated with linen or silk suspenders. Compared with the Y2K style, it looks more everyday and retro. The soft closeness of silk and the low-key subtlety of linen easily outline a casual and elegant retro girl.

Or embellished with lace, which is extremely feminine and feminine. At the same time, the choice of color is more inclined to low-saturated colors such as white, beige or khaki. The overall color or contrast is a good choice .

Trousers and skirts are more suitable for casual and casual use, and are more suitable for close-fitting suspenders In contrast, the bottoms can be looser, and skirts or wide-leg pants will make the overall match more layered.

Casual casualness of floral and knitting

If you want suspenders to be better integrated into daily wear, you might as well try female stars’ favorites: floral and knitting!

Broken flowers show a full girl Sensitive, bright colors are full of spring and summer atmosphere, and florals often appear at the same time as bandages, which is more lively and playful. With blue jeans, it is easy to create a sweet girl for spring outing.

If you think a single piece of sling is too much Simple, try layering. The temperature difference between morning and evening in spring and summer is large. You might as well wear a knitted sweater outside. The colors of the inner layer and the outer layer are different to make the overall match more layered.

Or wear tulle outside, the hidden visual perspective effect is sexy and adds a touch of retro.

Free and easy workwear vest

In recent years, the popular workwear vest can create a sports street style with ease, or the simple color of black or white can create a sense of luxury, and the pure cotton knitted material is softer and slimmer , the wide shoulder strap is full of sportiness.

The easiest and fastest match is to use Black and white work vest with overalls, step on the sneakers and go out in minutes.

If you want to make the overall collocation more For a layered look, you might as well layer it with a jacket. A light jacket or shirt can be easily worn in spring and summer and can also keep you warm in the morning and evening.

Or match with suits, oversize suits break the dullness of suits, and have a more flowing aesthetic. The tank top and sneakers are street cool.

Vests can be seen everywhere in the shows in recent seasons, and they have been given new images and looks. Let's see how the vest can play its charm and easily walk among major brands?

This season's big show makes people dream back to the millennium, and once again presents us with a retro show. The jumping color of fluorescent pink Barbie green, combined with butterfly elements, depicts a "butterfly dreamland" for us. Y2K hot girl Fengxin is at her fingertips, and her outfits are bright and retro.  

Jacquemus 2022 SSJacquemus 2022 SS

Jacquemus took people on a wonderful trip to the island. The colorful dream show is full of enthusiasm, and linen is the main material to give each look vitality and vitality. The ultra-short suspenders are combined with strap elements for a unique holiday style.


subject to Inspired by millennial and hippie culture, KNWLS uses a lot of tulle and elastic fabrics to outline a beautiful figure. "Pirate" has become the source of inspiration for this season. Mesh elements and vests are extremely cool, and tailored suspenders are extremely romantic, interpreting elegance with a rebellious style.

The "old shirt" on the show

Bottega Veneta 2022 FWBottega Veneta 2022 FW Chloe 2022 FW Chloe 2022 FW

The old shirts that look ordinary have frequently appeared in major shows. Simple tailoring and black and white color matching are enough. At this time, you might as well copy your homework from the model, and it will be more harmonious with trousers. From casual denim to cool leather pants to cargo pants, it's easy to style them.

Put simple vests out of "flowers", this is the sense of spring and summer ceremony, hurry up and start with small vests, and prepare for the coming hot summer!

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