As long as the sun hasn't set, there's still time for you to put on a tea dress

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As long as the sun hasn't set, there's still time for you to put on a tea dress

Original title: As long as the sun hasn't set, there's still time for you Put on a tea break skirt

As long as the sun hasn't set, there's still time for you to put on a tea dress

Every spring, there is a single product that will come out again, and it is the tea break skirt. The editor himself enjoys the feeling that he can't escape the world of tea break skirts.

As long as the sun hasn't set, there's still time for you to put on a tea dress

Why ? First of all, it may be because of worry-free, one-piece dress, if you wear the right one, you will wear the right one. Fitting is not really needed, you can go straight out the door.

And it can cope with many occasions, work, weekends, afternoon tea, and vacations are no problem (when will the epidemic give me back my life!). In addition to practical wear, it can also bring a little romance to urban life.

We will simply tell you about the history of tea dress Let’s take a look back—it flourished in the late 19th century, when it was still called Tea gown, which was worn by European aristocratic wives and ladies during afternoon tea.

According to an article written by American female writer Emily Post in 1992, the tea robe is a dress between a bathrobe and a ball gown, and it often has a pair of flowing long sleeves. In addition to drinking afternoon tea, ladies will also wear it when they have dinner at home, but they will not wear it to go out. In this way, the tea robe is equivalent to the fashionable version of home clothes!

more important Interestingly, women don't need to wear corsets when they wear tea robes. In this way, everyone can understand why it has a "comfortable" historical attribute, right? The "relaxation" of wearing a tea robe is not only spiritual, but more importantly, physical.

As the times move forward, the tea break skirt gradually breaks away from the frame of "noble life", but its DNA of "fundamentally making women feel comfortable" continues to evolve.

These few Tea break skirts are popular again, which has something to do with French blogger Jeanne Damas and the fashion brand Rouje founded by her.

We sometimes simply and rudely equate Jeanne Damas's "floral tea break skirt + vegetable basket" with the style of all French women.

Her Style does not represent all of French style, but it has to be admitted that Jeanne Damas's "French style" has stood the test of time and has been verified to resonate with more women. why? It is still necessary to summarize from the single product itself👇

The design of the tea break skirt is not complicated, it is more tolerant to the figure, and at the same time it can highlight the curve. And most of them are designed with a high waist, showing long legs, and the V-neck can also lengthen the neck. These advantages all meet the basic requirements of women for "outfit ratio" to a certain extent. What's more, compared to the neat and neutral style, the lazy and romantic style may be more poignant to women's hearts.

In addition to Rouje, like Realisation par, Reformation, Ganni The brand also launches new tea break skirt styles every year. This relaxed dress has also become a classic that the brand returns every spring and summer.

Tea break The matching of the skirt is actually simple. Because classic tea break skirts are all floral or geometric prints, complex matching will destroy the simple or lazy beauty of the skirt itself. Therefore, try to choose basic shoes with simple design and solid color.

In the transitional season of the month, you can match mid-calf boots. In addition to balancing the temperature, it is more important to add some "hard" style to the tea break skirt. It is unthinkable to "wear casually" like this in the era when the tea break skirt was born. Today's women should have it for us. Take pride in being free to dress, so celebrate it with the act of wearing.

Tea break Skirts can also be paired with ankle boots, and with the "high slit" design of most tea break skirts, it is not as short as imagined. When wearing this way, pay attention to the length of the skirt. The length of the skirt is preferably below the calf, and how much skin is exposed in the middle depends on the thickness of your calf (in other words, the fatter the calf, the less exposed part) .

want to The tea break skirt has a relaxed atmosphere in the retro, and it can be matched with canvas shoes.

This way of wearing is very suitable for you who don't like to dress too elegantly and want to try tea break skirts. Similarly, low-top canvas shoes will be better than high-top ones, and the exposed ankles will make the legs look longer and lighter.

Of course, If your legs are as long and willful as Kaia Gerber, then don’t say it when you are an editor~

Let's go on, the tea break skirt's "original match" must be all kinds of sandals.

First of all, this kind of sandals with pointed or rounded toes. This kind of shoes can extend the feet, and the high slits with tea break skirts can also have the effect of stacking buffs. This way of dressing is basically not picky, mainly to magnify the feminine advantages of tea break skirts.

When Jeanne Damas wears a tea break dress, I especially like it Taking pictures with bare feet, the feeling of natural and warm energy transmitted from the ground to the body when the soles of the feet touch the ground is similar to the image created by the tea break skirt.

suitable for matching The jewelry for the tea break dress is almost the same as the shoes - try to be as classic as possible. Let the skirt be the visual focus of the whole body, and other items should not steal the show.

For example, France Blogger Camille Yolaine has a lot of tea break skirt matching demonstrations. Although there are many skirts, the jewelry she matches every time is very fixed: a coin pendant necklace, and occasionally a pair of small pearl earrings.

At this time, jewelry is more important than fine! A little metallic or pearly luster is enough to enhance the delicacy of the whole person, and the design does not need to be eye-catching.

blogger When Prune Pauchet wore a large-area floral tea break skirt, he only matched a pair of ultra-small earrings, the purpose of which was to give a little luster to the ears.

Earrings with tea break skirts are not mandatory Small, Hoops earrings are also OK.  It's just that the size of the earrings can be large, but the design elements should be simple. Therefore, in addition to Hoops earrings, drop-shaped, croissant earrings, etc. can be used for tea break skirts. Overall, tea break dresses are suitable for most basic shiny metal earrings.

Blogger Caroline Daur wears a golden chain necklace. One of the reasons why she set it up like this is: the fabric of this white dress is stiffer than ordinary tea break dress fabrics, not so soft. If you are wearing a floral, very French tea break skirt, it is not recommended to wear such a thick chain necklace, as it will not be visually harmonious.

Surface metal, baroque pearl jewelry is also very suitable for tea break dresses because of its own retro and artistic atmosphere. For example, blogger Le anne Ansar👆. Baroque pearls are younger than round pearls because of their irregular shape. If the pattern of the tea break skirt is also selected to be retro, it will have the effect of "1+1>2" together.

Someone said , the tea break dress is like "the first kiss of spring", you don't have to wear it to work, and it's not suitable for night, but you can wear it at any time in between, it's like fighting for some of your life soft.

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