To enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, you need a guide for dressing and filming

After the long winter,

To enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, you need a guide for dressing and filming

People are more looking forward to the spring day

To enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, you need a guide for dressing and filming

To enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, you need a guide for dressing and filming

A touch of color, an inch of sunshine,

can become a switch to rejuvenate.

With the advent of April,

The annual cherry blossom viewing craze is coming as scheduled,

I want to freeze perfectly

The beautiful moment under the cherry blossom tree,

A high-scoring cherry blossom viewing outfit is essential.

Let's start with the colors of the show and red carpet fashion,

to find the matching theme color for the cherry blossom season.

White is the most frequently seen in the spring and summer shows One of the colors has already become a "frequent visitor" in the show. Different cuts and designs can obtain different temperament and effects. Designers spend a lot of effort on "white" every time.

In this Dior spring and summer show, the elegant white dress has attracted the attention of the audience, and the exquisite jewelry accessories immediately express the noble temperament to the fullest, full of fairy spirit.

Christian Dior F/W 2022Christian Dior F/W 2022

The new "Blanket King" Zendaya, who has gained super popularity through "Dune", "Spiderman", "Excitement" and other film and television works, and was also named the annual fashion icon not long ago, is on the Oscar red carpet this time I also chose a white Valentino split high-end dress. Pair it with the Bulgari Serpenti Viper short necklace and the same series of bracelets, as always, to maximize stacking.

White is the most Simple yet superlative, at the Oscar Vanity Fair party, Elsa Hosk appeared in a white strappy dress, sexy and fierce, worthy of the figure of an angel supermodel.

Facts have proved that white will always stand in the fashion industry defeated. In addition to this, pure white is a must-have for filming in the spring when a hundred flowers are in full bloom. It is fashionable and versatile, and can easily create a romantic atmosphere.

If you want to try a pure cherry blossom viewing outfit, you can choose a simple white top like Komatsu Nana and Zhou Jieqiong.

Simple white is a bonus weapon for pure temperament , not to steal the spotlight from the pink of cherry blossoms, but also to create a hazy and distant aesthetic feeling of "still holding a pipa and half covering the face" for the models hidden in the cherry blossom trees.

White is The strong elements of creating a fashionable Look, even after many years, are still the only choice for fashion icons to go out on the street. If you want to try white outfits, you might as well try something like Hailey Bieber, choose a white shirt with high-waisted straight-leg pants, which is simple and atmospheric, and can easily hold the street trend.

The white color with fairy spirit also creates a girly feeling Look is an excellent choice, and the little white dress is one of the top-level existence. Zheng Xiujing's tube top white dress is paired with small wavy curly hair, which is cool and sexy without losing her girlish temperament. or like Like Yang Chaoyue, he chooses classic girly elements such as lace, puff sleeves, and bows. Whether you want to shoot "pure girls" or "vital little princesses", you can do everything with a little white dress in hand.

In recent years, purple has been swiping the screens of major social platforms with a very high frequency, and has gained super popularity. And after it officially became the popular color of 2022, fashion designers who lead the trend love this color even more. From trendy people's outfits to fashion catwalks, purple full of vitality and imagination is everywhere.

Whether it is Gucci, Giorgio Armani, or Alberta Ferretti's 2022 spring and summer show, it has appeared.

The model worker queen Jessica Chastain, the best actress in the 94th Oscar, wore a Gucci purple-gold custom dress on the stage of the Oscar awards. The romantic and noble purple-gold dress complements the hair color, perfectly showing a glamorous and elegant posture.

Lady Gaga at the UK Premiere of "House of Gucci" When showing the red carpet, she also wore the Gucci Love Parade series, wearing a purple dress full of aura. With a wave of the skirt, she looks like a proper queen, as expected of Drama Queen GaGa.

Draw show The hot fashion color in the market is applied to daily wear, and the purple suit jacket can be said to be the best fashion item in spring.

In April when the temperature is getting warmer, try Zhou Yutong And fashion blogger Natalie Lim Suarez, Viktoriia Bogodist's periwinkle blue suit on the upper body, while keeping warm, it can also give you a new vitality for your spring wear.

Warm spring day , Knitting elements are of course classics that cannot be missed. Knitted sweaters and high-waisted jeans are always the secret to conservative and error-free outfits. At the same time, knitted tube tops can also increase the layering of the upper body, and rich color matching can also make you look less monotonous when taking pictures.

Say Spring is the most free season, no matter what color you wear, you don't have to worry about being too high-profile, but it is obvious that purple has successfully occupied a place in this colorful spring.

"Pink is a free form of expression." — Pierpaolo Piccioli

How can cherry blossom season be without pink? If April is exclusive to cherry blossoms, then April in the fashion circle is exclusive to pink.

Although pink is not more elegant than white, and it is not easy to create a charming temperament like purple, pink is always dreamy and beautiful, giving designers the ability to create unlimited dreams. This evening pink off-the-shoulder dress on the Alexander McQueen show, the streamer is flowing with the wind, and the tulle is cut and crystal raindrops are embedded in it, showing a dreamy beauty.

Alexander McQueen S/S 2022Alexander McQueen S/S 2022

In the "Valentino Pink PP" autumn and winter show, Valentino created an exclusive pink romantic world, and specially invited two supermodels Kristen McMenamy and Mariacarla Boscono field.

at Blumarine In the Italian "Blue Lover" early autumn series, pink is also used to play a millennial retro style, and the ALL PINK trend is becoming more and more popular.

 Blumarine Pre-Fall 2022 Blumarine Pre-Fall 2022

In the romantic April, pink is the most suitable color, and all kinds of pink looks can be seen everywhere on the street.

Although pink is not easy to wear, some fashionable pink items are an excellent choice for getting started. For example, the suit wide-leg trousers that fashion icons are wearing. The loose but smooth design can make the legs look long and straight. The upper body is a good choice whether it is matched with a single product of the same color or a daily household top like Zhou Yutong.

Or a girly pink top, Wear it with a pair of blue jeans for an effortless "spring-on-your-body" look.

in collocation When buying pink items, you must also learn to choose powders of different brightness to create different styles and temperaments. The powder with lower lightness is more gentle.

Brighter powder, the feeling of vigor and vitality instantly adds points, and the girl's sense of vitality is full.

Spring back The earth,

All things are revived,

The flying petals come mixed with the spring breeze,

Take advantage of the good time to enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring,

Go ahead and give it a try!

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