This week you can see Zhong Zhentao’s street photos, and the gaze of 50-year-old Master Leto

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This week you can see Zhong Zhentao’s street photos, and the gaze of 50-year-old Master Leto

Original title: You can see Zhong Zhentao’s street photos this week , and the gaze of the 50-year-old Master Leto

This week you can see Zhong Zhentao’s street photos, and the gaze of 50-year-old Master Leto

Happy weekend, friends! Although the weather is good, you can't run around~ Take a quick look at the actor's street photography and wait for the epidemic to subside.

This week you can see Zhong Zhentao’s street photos, and the gaze of 50-year-old Master Leto

This week's domestic street photography male stars are all "lightly packed", but their awareness of protection is also in place. Foreign male stars are still bringing the fun of life to the extreme, reuniting old friends, and launching new dramas. . . . . . What you see is what you earn!

On March 6, local time, Da Zhangwei appeared Changsha Huanghua Airport

Today's opening ceremony invites our great teacher who is "sober in the world"! The black tooling suit is decorated with white prints, which is simple and low-key, and the teacher with full personality does not forget to add some exclusive details. The yellow print on the bottom of the trousers echoes the socks of the same color, which is weird and cute ~

3 On March 10th, Zhang Han appeared at the Beijing Airport

"Refreshing boss" Zhang Han appeared at the airport, wearing a black collarless suit with a white T inside, and matching overalls and sneakers in a smart and straightforward manner , Brother Han is becoming more and more fascinating~

On March 6th, Wang Zhuocheng appeared at Shanghai Airport

Actor Wang Zhuocheng's street photography this week is also an eye-catching "spring outfit template", which is vivid The orange scarf echoes the camel top, the jeans are paired with an LV presbyopic travel bag, and a pair of spring green sneakers on the feet. The overall style is fashionable and layered, boasting!

PS: The musical competition show "La Philharmonic" that Wang Zhuocheng participated in will be broadcast soon, so look forward to it.

March On the 9th, Guan Yue appeared at Shanghai Airport

Former member of UNINE, singer Guan Yue matched this outfit with a youthful look, matching a sweetheart neck sweater with a blue shirt and a loose denim jacket Beige slacks also have a touch of retro. Who doesn't love refreshing male college students?

March On the 8th, Han Dongjun appeared at Beijing Airport

We dei Han Dongjun’s street photos this week. Croixin’s white sweater is matched with cross wide-leg pants of the same color, and the orange cotton suit is the highlight of the whole set. It looks like Sunshine and vitality, this little temperament is right!

March On the 5th, Wei Daxun appeared at Shenzhen Baoan Airport

Daxun arrived at Shenzhen Airport in a low-key manner, preparing to record the variety show "Indomitable Blue". The simple and casual MASONPRINCE sweater is paired with a black baseball cap and slacks, and the red-striped white shoes are from LANVIN. Daily boyfriend wear looks+1.

March On the 5th, Zhong Zhentao showed up at the Shanghai Airport

I didn't expect to be able to capture the street photos of Mr. Zhong Zhentao one day! A black and white spliced coat with a mint green hoodie and color-blocked sneakers also make the overall look refreshing and age-reducing. Mr. Zhong has no temperament when he walks to the airport casually. He walks with BGM "Let Everything Follow the Wind"~< /p>

On March 8 local time, Ben Affleck appeared in LA

Daben’s new street shoot with baby in Los Angeles! The classic "old shirt" Again, casual but very attractive.

And we Ben Afu has more and more the atmosphere of a good man at home, either taking care of the baby or on the way to pick up the baby.

local time On March 8th, Eddie Redmayne appeared in London

Cool boy Eddie made a stunning appearance! As a "moving billboard on the streets of London", "Little Freckles" is out on the street again. Motorbike leather jacket with sunglasses, chic and invincible! Who is so good at wearing it, I won't say. At first glance, I thought it was "Noel Gallagher" coming hahaha.

local time On March 3, Tom Holland and his younger brother Harry Holland appeared in New York

This is a solo date between "Holland Brother" and "Holland Brother", and they have dinner together in New York. The two have been together for a long time, and their outfits and looks are becoming more and more like twins. Tang Holland looks more mature and capable, with a gentle and handsome smile on his face~Su feels overwhelming!

local time On March 5th, Jared Leto appeared in LA

Master Leto appeared in the UFC272 arena to watch the battle. In addition to rock climbing every day, I watch UFC's Lai Tu. Even the high-definition face-to-face shots can still be fully supported. How can I look like a 50-year-old person?

I was a little scared by the camera, hahahaha I turned it over

On March 2nd local time, Chris Hemsworth appeared in Switzerland

Haizong is passionately preparing for the next Winter Olympics (not

And the progress is completely full, one-time direct challenge to snowboarding, so handsome!

On March 7, local time, Chris Evans appeared in Atlanta

"Ghosted" kicks off in Atlanta. It is worth the semi-permanent hairstyle and this set of clothes that will remain unchanged for thousands of years. Netizens said: "From a distance, I think Daben has lost weight

On March 6 local time, Jeremy Renne appeared in LA

Jeremy arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to attend the event. This plump figure and layered Chin, it looks really "fat"...hahaha.

On March 7th local time, Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend Alyssa Miller appeared in LA

"Tennis Lover" Garfield and his girlfriend Alyssa are in the Playing tennis in LA, the two of them didn't miss out on sports even in the event-intensive award season. Is it because we can't fall in love with An Jiafei because we can't play tennis

On March 8 local time, Ryan Reynolds appeared in New York

"Little cheap" New York's daily street style Get! Today I am wearing a light and familiar sports style. The beige tights look very beautiful~

Every time the sportsman RR goes out on the street, he can take photos in situ~

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On March 11, local time, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto appear in New York

Can't help but ask "What year is this eve" in the same frame! Pai Pai and ZQ are traveling in New York together, the two "old babies" are still chatting enthusiastically, they are really green (tears...)

ZQ is always chic and flying, and the cute pie is more and more like Santa Claus!

local time On March 10th, Joaquin Phoenix appeared in London

The first set photos of "Napoleon" directed by Ridley Scott were revealed! "Uncle Phoenix" played the role of Napoleon, the first emperor of France. Mr. Scott is 85 this year, and he is still so productive

This costume can be said to be a one-to-one restoration of a famous painting, but why is the shooting location in London? Are you going to shoot "Napoleon in London" hahaha?

This week’s male star street photography will accompany you here, next week will continue to bring more exciting street photography to journalists, we will see you there~

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