Boldly revealing your skin, you might as well start with an open back

Liberate yourself,

Boldly revealing your skin, you might as well start with an open back

Find the freedom to dress,

Boldly revealing your skin, you might as well start with an open back

This is a proposition that has been discussed for a long time.

Boldly revealing your skin, you might as well start with an open back

Spring and summer are a good time to show your skin boldly,

Compared to the cliché of bare shoulders and collarbone,

This summer,

You might as well unlock new ideas for dressing,

Start with a halter.

There are thousands of ways to show back, suspenders, hanging neck, or even directly liberate the entire back, but how to wear it can look unconventional. Celebrities get up early to give you some inspiration for what to wear with an open back.

In daily wear, or on the red carpet, the backless style can be interpreted by female stars. Di Lieba wore a white dress, the back was only connected by a simple strap, hidden under the long black hair, full of romance.

Nazha The black long dress is similar to Reba's. It also reveals the entire back. The black straps are wrapped around the back, easily outlining the butterfly bones and waistline. The black adds mystery to the whole.

mentioned Backless, Ni Ni can be said to be an advanced player among them. She can control all kinds of backless dresses such as one-shoulder, suspenders, large hollows, and deep V, interpreting various styles.

At the same time, Ni Ni is not only a simple halter, It may be decorated with gemstones or blessed with straps. At the same time, it simplifies the complexity and avoids the use of bulky accessories around the neck, making it more flexible.

The open back can also be perfectly matched with daily wear , a simple halter neck or suspenders, paired with jeans, or appearing in a simple skirt, injecting vitality into the whole summer.

Giorgio Armani once said: "In order to create a unique All your brains have to focus on the tiny details.” The 1920s glamor was over, and the Great Depression brought about major changes in the fashion industry, but the changes didn’t make it conservative, But after all the prosperous appearances receded, feminism has truly returned.

20th century In the 1930s, Hollywood undoubtedly became the vane of fashion. Feminine details such as ruffles, puff sleeves, bows, and open backs were increasingly presented to the public. The "backless trend" evolved from swimsuits gradually spread. Come. In the 1930s, sunbathing became popular as a recreational activity, and swimwear became popular for a time.

At the same time, people are constantly improving swimwear during this period , thin shoulder straps, backless, two-piece and other styles appear, which can not only support the chest well, but also show the lines of the shoulders and back properly. Sexy and charming backless swimwear is undoubtedly very popular.

here For a period of time, highlighting femininity and highlighting female curves became the most important proposition, and backless evening wear was also particularly classic in this period. Combining close-fitting fabrics and bias-cut techniques, the upper body adopts a deep V-neck and sleeveless design, which has become the most common dress structure, and the U-shaped back is exposed straight to the back waistline. Darts at the waist and hips allow the skirt to fit perfectly at the waist. Even without extra embellishments, backless evening wear has been handed down continuously for its slim and generous features that outline the body curve.

Entering the second half of the 20th century, with the social background With continuous development, the design of evening dresses has also become more diversified. As one of the most important elements, the open back is particularly important in showing the sense of freedom and modernity. The trend of simple structure and bold skin exposure is more obvious.

Since the 21st century, with the trend of fashion in modern society With the rapid development and the popularization of health culture, people's demands for nature and health, freedom and liberation are gradually rising, and the backless design has become more refined and diverse. self expression.

The beauty of the backless dress is that the front It looks ordinary, but there is a hidden mystery behind it. Whether it is suspenders, halter necks, bolder straps or various hollows, backless is not only a way to enhance the coolness of summer, but also carries a high-end style. Sexiness is the embodiment of women's pursuit of freedom and self-style.

40% must-have for novices

As the most basic style of backless, suspenders and off-shoulder are also the most error-prone choices for novices. The simple design eliminates the trouble of style selection, and the choice of color and pattern also greatly reduces the probability of mistakes.

In summer , a simple small sling can be matched in a variety of ways, whether it is short skirts, shorts, denim, or overalls, it can be highly adapted.

At the same time, ingenuity can be injected into colors and fabrics . All kinds of bright colors and prints are the best choice for summer, and the close-fitting knitted fabric can also instantly increase the happiness index of wearing.

In summer , The one-shoulder style can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. It can not only show the shoulder and neck lines, but also expose the back just right. At the same time, the one-shoulder design wraps around the chest and arms, easily covering the side breasts and bye-bye meat, and some small shortcomings are virtually resolved, and girls who are worried about having fleshy arms can also easily control it.

Liu Shishi is right One-shoulder skirts have always been preferred, and the appearance rate of one-shoulder skirts in her albums is quite high. Wearing a pink dress, the fine folds are stacked into clusters of flowers, randomly arranged in the form of one-shoulder and blooming on the skirt, showing a gentle atmosphere under the blessing of light pink. or In cooperation with ruffles, plaid, ruffles, and one-shoulder all contribute to creating a retro style. The leather waist around the waist echoes the black ribbon in the hair, showing retro and modern gestures.

60% Multiple identities in one strap

A seemingly simple strap on an open back has never been common. After successfully passing the trial period of the novice, you might as well start to unlock the multiple identities of a strap. The first thing that comes to mind must be the hanging neck design. A strap is wrapped around the neck to release the entire back. Thick or thin straps are in stark contrast to the shoulder and neck lines.

want For a more casual and casual look, you may wish to match it with a halter neck vest. Jeans must be the first choice for bottoms. The Joy black and white vest is added to the body, which echoes the white headband. The knitted fabric is softer and fits snugly, and it is full of comfort when paired with denim wide-leg pants. or Decorated with silk and flowers, the silk fabric is combined with highly saturated purple, and the straps bloom like flowers at the waist. It is also paired with a pair of jeans. The silk fabric on the upper body adds a touch of sexiness to the whole.

One strap is no longer enough for fashionistas to wear backless, multiple straps Go into battle and stage different dramas on your back. The puff sleeves, gauze and ruffles create a romantic atmosphere. From the front, it looks like a fugitive princess, but from the back, it looks like a secret.

Back A large area of skin is exposed, and the back is fixed in the form of straps, which not only improves the stability of wearing, but also adds youthful vitality under the blessing of the bowknot. At the same time, the loose version provides greater tolerance for the figure. Just showing the skin on the back also adds a touch of mystery.

At the same time, straps are not inferior in creating an elegant and sexy style. Directly liberate the entire back, let the straps shuttle freely, and combine knitted and silk fabrics to create a high-end sexy.

Extended from the straps, female stars have a new expression, pearls, beads Chains and other chains appear instead of straps and are embellished on the dress. The soft skin is in sharp contrast with the hard gemstones, mysterious and noble.

Bold expression of 100% big cutout

The ultimate secret of backless lies in the interpretation of various cutouts. There are various forms of hollowing out, smooth hollowing line design, and just the right amount of white space, large and small hollowing out breaks the conventional way of backless, and has a sense of hierarchy.

The small area of the suit and skirt is more inclusive, and the irregular shape is full of personality and sexy , the looming beauty is even more addictive.

The large area of hollowing is more test of the figure, extending from the shoulder blade to the waist, showing the entire back at a glance There is nothing left, and at the same time, the slim skirt outlines the entire body curve, which will be a little abrupt in daily wear, so it is a good choice for travel and vacation.

Blumarie Pre-Fall 2022Blumarie Pre-Fall 2022

A new batch of hot girl outfits double Appearing on the show, from red to pink, all kinds of bright colors are girly and hot, and all kinds of carefulness make the hotness full. Strapless shoulders, bare waist, deep V and open back bring the aesthetics of hot girls at your fingertips, creating a wonderful dream for girls.

Roberto Cavalli 2022 FWRoberto Cavalli 2022 FW

Strong and wild sexy returns, a series of leather strap hollow skirts are bold and ostentatious, the elements of wild animal pattern and plaid splicing are full of sexy punk, straps and roses blend, backless, exposed The waist and other bold interpretations show sexy and elegant.

Marc Jacobs 2022FW Marc Jacobs 2022FW

takes deconstruction as the theme, and the clothes are distorted into a new form. The overalls are cut to appear in the form of skirts, and the tops are deconstructed into straps and wrapped around the upper body, revealing the back faintly. Show cool feeling under blessing.

Givenchy 2022 FWGivenchy 2022 FW

Vatican Archives Inspired by the haute couture elements of the museum, the details are interpreted in a more contemporary way, forming a balance between lightness and heaviness, decoration and practicality, layering and simplicity, making it more streetwear and more practical.

Yohj Yamamoto 2022 SSYohj Yamamoto 2022 SS

Continuation of the brand's Consistent structural design, all-black styles of cotton and linen texture appear in turn. Basic items such as shirts and windbreakers have been disassembled, and there are also hollow designs, full of layers.

Elie Saab 2023 SSElie Saab 2023 SS

draw from nature Ideal and Raphael's meditation in the front row, rich details and beautiful and smooth silhouettes create pieces of "art". In the bright spring, full of fairy spirit, flowers bloom on layers of tulle, and the thin shoulder straps spread to the back, showing different charming postures.

To create high-level sexy in summer, of course, it must be a backless dress. This careful trick hidden behind you can make you different in summer skin-deep outfits. Come get it This backless outfit cheats!

Already Can't hold back the desire to try backless outfits?

Cool and unique,

Hurry up and add a backless dress,

Create your unique summer.

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