Fashion circle

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Fashion circle

Original title: Fashion circle | The days when men show off their waists and show off their "belly", come back! Come! up!

Fashion circle

Miu Miu 2022 Spring/Summer low-waist skirts have brought about a low-waist craze. For a while, major fashion weeks, awards ceremonies, and fashion websites seem to be talking about how to show your waist correctly.

Fashion circle

There is a complete set of miu miu worn out of the original model.

There is Bella Such a love of retro hippie style.

There are also ones that don't seem particularly afraid of the cold.

Coachella music festival and Oscar red carpet a few days ago , Low waist style is also the protagonist. Hailey Bieber showed off her glamorous vest line in a cropped tank top at Coachella offstage.

Kendall Jenner The white waistless sports vest is paired with casual pants of the same color, and the belly-haunting style of wearing has a sense of vitality.

Zendaya attended Wearing a Valention haute couture dress at the Oscars, the top is short and the bottom is long, which not only increases the layering of the shape, but also makes the upper body look sexy and elegant without looking dull.

Low waist Navel exposure has become so popular that someone created an account on instagram to summarize everyone's miu miu navel exposure.

With the coming summer soon, the good news is that this low-waist style is also blowing to the field of men's clothing! Abs boys, roll me up.

To dazzle Among the unscrupulous boys with "belly", the most famous one is Yugo Takano, a model from Japan. His method is also very simple-just wear miu miu women's clothing!

Viewable It came out that Yugo Takano really loved this look and performed it more than once. Who makes people's capital good?

Of course , more people still wear men's clothing honestly. Looking through the shows, many men's wear brands have thoughtfully designed "belly dazzle" suits for boys.

The most daring to wear is Fendi, the boys' waists are almost invisible under Fendi's tailoring.

Balenciaga's early autumn series is not far behind, everywhere If you can cover it, you have to show your abs.

Loewe and JW Anderson who belong to the same designer want to express The meaning of is also very clear - roll it up for me.

Under the background of the brand's low waist wind blowing, The male stars went to the sea one after another, and it was expected to join in the grand event.

Hip-hop singer   Lil Nas X, poker grandfather   Troye Sivan and the new generation of very popular sweet tea Timothée Chalamet have all tried this style.

Korea's top BTS concerts also often show their belly.

Even Harry Styles has tried the belly roll! It can be seen that its mass base is broad.

The Crop Top dress style with exposed waist is said to be the first It comes from American football, where male hormones are the most bursting. It became a trend in the 1980s. Its original intention is actually the same as ours today, which is to facilitate boys to show their tight abdominal muscles! (Yes it is that straightforward).

Many of the big stars we are familiar with have had a masculine past with navel exposed style.

For example, Uncle Depp, who is currently in a lawsuit, perfectly restored the popular attire at that time in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street"-the navel sweater.

For example, if you slap someone just now, you can say Will Smith, who is so manly and bursting, also left the following looks when he was young.

The Prodigal Son Turns Back When Justin Biber was ignorant in his early years, he also showed off his abdominal muscles manually, but he should be more famous for his iconic CK low-waist underwear. The combination of this up and down shape successfully made his abdominal muscles stand in the C position.

With In the millennium, women's low-waisted and navel-baring dresses flourished, and men's fashionable belly-flaunting styles once tended to be silent. This sudden resurgence has a lot to do with the trend of genderlessness in the fashion industry in recent years: dispelling the gender stereotypes of men and women The trend is prompting people to express themselves in multiple ways.

For example, the VTMNTS 2022 series that is bursting while showing its navel.

No matter who you are, please embrace yourself boldly Body, identify with yourself! Summer is coming soon, our dear male compatriots, hurry up to exercise if you don’t have abdominal muscles, and roll up if you have abdominal muscles!

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