How sweet is Shen Mengchen after marriage? The dress is so pretty

I heard that the sisters in the south have already begun to bear the high temperature of 30 degrees! It's time to put on a little skirt!

How sweet is Shen Mengchen after marriage? The dress is so pretty

With the arrival of April, the daily life of female stars is covered by small skirts.

How sweet is Shen Mengchen after marriage? The dress is so pretty

After marriage, Shen Mengchen is a girl with perfect status, wearing a floral skirt and jumping between the blue sky and the grass.

How sweet is Shen Mengchen after marriage? The dress is so pretty

Tang Yixin's The look of viewing flowers is also beautiful to a new height. The bright yellow dress + fluffy puff sleeves presents a very seductive retro charm.

Ms. Jin Taili is walking in a suit skirt between. Pair it with a pink color, and you will feel a fresh and natural feeling of first love across the screen.

Kaia and Zhao Lusi clashed in lively and lovely plaid The skirt is a handsome street style with a little sweet charm.

If you let COCO choose one that best represents spring, Xia's single product is definitely a dress with a "protagonist feel". Here are a few of the styles you can't miss this season! ! !

Doll skirt Definitely a hit this year. Recently, female stars have been bumping into doll skirts a series of times, Ouyang Nana's coolness, Ju Jingyi's richness, and Zhao Lusi's cuteness. . . . . . The female man was so excited when he saw it. oh! I mean love the doll dress!

MIU MIU continues to make efforts, Liu Boxin and Qiu Tian jointly interpret the classic items of the holiday season, among which The printed puff-sleeved skirt is the brand's most unobtrusive girly dress.

Which ghost horse girl does not have MING MA doll skirt? MING MA, who has become popular with her iconic doll skirt, has seen a sharp rise in popularity in the past two years. The combination of black and fluffy skirts has created an unruly and perverse image of MING MA.

Don’t worry if you haven’t bought it yet, the three-digit peacebird X MING MA cooperation model is more fragrant! Recently, a certain treasure has an activity, and the intensity is quite strong. This is the right time to start!

The doll collar is one of the key points of the doll skirt. Alessandra Rich's gown design style combines simplicity, modernity, elegance and modernity. The gorgeous evening gowns are often embellished with sparkling jewels, which can be strongly focused on any occasion.

Spring 2022 The summer series presents a sweetness and elegance that is different from previous seasons. The embellishment of metal accessories of the Baby It's Sunny Outside series and the decoration of pointed high heels present a sharp and sharp atmosphere, which is a bit sweet and cool, and looks good no matter how you wear it!

Another point is the fluffy hem and puff sleeves up. The most familiar brand of doll skirts is Cecilie Bahnsen, a Danish designer brand of the same name. She is good at sculptural texture skirts. It combines soft, fluffy and three-dimensional with smooth lines. It is very recognizable on the street. high.

Suit skirts can be said to be popular from winter to spring and summer, and the difference lies in the fabric. The material of the winter suit skirt is relatively thick, and the woolen texture is intertwined with gold and silver threads.

Spring and summer are mainly made of stiff cotton fabrics, For example, Li Gengxi and Hailey Bieber all put on a more airy jacket + slit skirt configuration, with a playful attitude that belongs to them alone.

There are many domestic brands of this kind of beautiful suit .

YaoZonKu, who is also popular with Zhou, is good at drawing inspiration from art, movies, and books, combined with contemporary aesthetics, through the deconstruction of clothing to reflect purity, independence, freedom, and the pursuit of not superficial The beauty of calm and calm.

This season Inspired by girls and dreams, the black and white suit skirt combined with the smooth design, seems to be accompanied by the romance of going to the seaside with the salty breeze, which is the main reason why it is favored by many female stars.

Korean fashion icon's playing suits, many from Guka, called Since Then on a certain treasure, was established in 2009, and it can be said to be very popular on a certain treasure! The brand also posted the same style of idols on the official website, so don't be too considerate!

This suit can be said to be a must for lazy girls Ready, compared with one-piece styles, suits can not only unify the upper and lower outfits naturally, but also define the waistline and increase the sense of matching. Naturally, it is the best choice for modifying the figure and highlighting the sense of fashion.

Use some Small decorations such as bows, waist chains, small clutches. . . . . . It can show the atmosphere of a celebrity more vividly.

I wear floral skirts every year, and I don't get tired of wearing them every year. Spring is the world of small broken flowers! The first choice for the contestant who hangs small and fresh is to decorate the macaron-colored skirt with tiny flowers. The whole person reveals a sweet temperament, which is a little romance that no one can match.

If the print is enlarged, the strong European style Reflecting the classical and romantic atmosphere, it is an atmospheric and mature choice.

broken flowers It also goes well with chiffon fabrics. The upper body is very elegant and flexible, and the biggest advantage is that it is cool and breathable, often with a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Smooth chiffon dress with various colors and Suitable for all occasions, warm tones are more enthusiastic, while cool tones highlight a sense of sophistication.

However, chiffon dresses are sometimes difficult to present as a single product The sense of layering, so when choosing, you can choose styles with prints or unique tailoring, and you will be a fairy after wearing it.

If you want to buy beautiful floral skirts, you can check out GANNI. Most of the brand's single products are fresh, beautiful and playful. Accompanied by the breeze, they are lazy, comfortable and casual. Anyone who wears them will be a warm and beautiful oxygen girl!

Of course, there is also the fairy brand Zimmermann. Founded in 1991, Zimmermann from Australia was originally famous all over the world for its sexy and original swimwear. Later, it became a very representative holiday brand because it was good at integrating the sunny feeling into fashionable skirts.

If you are more conservative in color and style, the fresh macaron color system can be your first choice. The more daring choices are charming prints full of imaginative space, starlight hollowing... The strong sense of line through the color and beaded description seems to bring the sunny and dreamy beach into the clothing.

Girls who wear a little more conservative style can look at shirt skirts that will not go out of style. This CO is really attracted by He Cong's shirt The skirt is beautiful, simple and advanced.

In addition to classics, shirt skirts are also very versatile, no restrained. Compared with shirts, shirt skirts have both the frankness of shirts and the softness and elegance of skirts, which can control any style. Wearing it alone or wearing it with a belt like Liu Shishi is amazing!

I don't know what style of shirt skirt to choose, then Just choose the white one. The white shirt skirt visually reduces the volume of the shirt skirt. No matter how long the style is, it can look very light. It will create a fairy aura that is beyond the world in minutes. Among them, the thin and transparent fabric with better texture is the most lethal, with a little sexy that is trying to hide it.

Of course, the black shirt skirt that is opposed to white also has the same purpose wonderful.

Retro girls can pick antique shirt skirts. In vintage shirtdresses, you'll find beauty worth scrutinizing, such as delicate buttons and lapels. This style of shirt skirt has lines that cannot be ignored in the tailoring structure. The unique waist design makes the shirt skirt more dignified, which can make people's posture more upright and their image more graceful.

summer The footsteps are getting closer, prepare your dresses in advance to welcome you!

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