How to break short legs + pear-shaped figure? The knee-length skirt raised your hand

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How to break short legs + pear-shaped figure? The knee-length skirt raised your hand

Original title: How to break short legs + pear-shaped body? The knee-length skirt is raised

How to break short legs + pear-shaped figure? The knee-length skirt raised your hand

The temperature in Beijing has suddenly dropped in the past two days (can you believe it is snowing in the suburbs??), which gave the editor enough time to pack the winter clothes slowly and dig out the summer clothes. . .

How to break short legs + pear-shaped figure? The knee-length skirt raised your hand

Replay Looking at last year's wardrobe, I found that although I bought a lot of various skirts, I will wear them the second I go out. Most of them are skirts that are below the knee length.

"I'm going to take the subway today, and the short skirt is inconvenient, so let's change to a knee-length skirt."

"I took a shower in the morning in a hurry and didn't have time to deal with the armpits. The suspender skirt can be replaced with a shirt and skirt."

"Ah, I'm late, I don't have time to match it, so I just put on a T-shirt, a skirt and a lazy person, go!"


One sentence summary: the summer of beating workers, It’s a semi-permanent summer for over-the-knee skirts~

And the reasons why we love to wear skirts are actually far more than the above. If we want to explain it seriously, it’s probably because it’s really too friendly kind of).

First of all, it is friendly to the body.

Especially girls who are a bit 🍐, you can turn your hips into curves after picking out the skirt, and the lower body is no longer "stupid", but elegant and moving, just like a magic trick.

So, how to choose well? The most important thing is to avoid minefields!

We don’t touch particularly tight styles. Skirts with draping fabrics 👆 well-tailored umbrella skirts 👇 are worth considering.

Such "short-legged people" generally have longer waists. It is a lifelong dream to lift the waistline up a few kilometers. Compared with high-waisted pants, I prefer skirts because. . . . . . . No matter how high it is raised, it will not get stuck in the crotch! !

If you are petite, you can change your shoes to a pair of heels when wearing a skirt, so that you don’t have to worry about wearing an oversize suit on top.

Secondly, The matching difficulty of the skirt is also friendly.

It really doesn't pick a single product. The shirts that are necessary for commuters are worthy, and the T-shirts that you like to wear when you go out on the street on weekdays are also worthy.

Small high heels Congenial to its aura, slip-on loafers will not be out of place.

Finally, It comes with intellectual elegance~

The over-the-knee skirt is not as elegant as a dress, and it is not as bold as a short skirt. We took a fancy to its low-key comfort at the beginning, and it comes with a piece of intellectual art, which is unexpected Oh, the harvest outside.

Fascinating 90s, skirt figure It can be seen everywhere, supermodels and celebrities are wearing it, and they especially prefer tailored suits and skirts, which are minimalist and fashionable, neat and elegant.

Editor knows Everyone is as busy (and lazy) as I am, so I have summed up a few practical skirt matching formulas, which are the ones that can really wait for copying homework with both hands and backs. This article should not be too cost-effective~

< img id="17" src="" alt="">

Everyone has shirts, and most of the time we use shirts with trousers.

But to be honest, the editor feels that this does not give full play to the temperament advantages of the shirt, because the shirt has a free and easy spirit in its bones, and it is easy to be surprised when paired with trousers of the same dimension as it. Hi~

But wearing a skirt is different. One is simple, the other is romantic, and sparks are indispensable. Wearing it like this to go to work will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Look first Look at the solid-color shirts, the basic white ones are versatile, and can solve half of your wardrobe by yourself.

Canadian blogger Sasha Mei uses it with a cream skirt Install, set up! One is a silk skirt and the other is a knitted skirt, both of which look very textured.

As for the shoes, the editor recommends that you choose loafers in summer.

When wearing a black skirt, because the contrast is more obvious, it is recommended to add some echoes on the shoes and accessories. These precautions are not there and the difference is not much, but there is a big bonus.

Black shirt Naturally, it should be matched with a white dress, and the black and white feel is very pure (but the editor also wears a black suit, which is very Rei Kawakubo).

Look again Look at the improved shirts. This kind of tie-up shirts is the most popular this year. For those who have tried their best to get back the vest line, please feel free to wear them.

also available Manually improve it, such as tying the hem high and matching it with a tie-dyed silk skirt. If you don’t have a vacation, you will be angry if you don’t have a vacation.

Some designs Shirts with thicker styles or printed materials can also be used to match light and thin skirts to neutralize and complete each other.

Edit and write After this Part was planted, this boyfriend-style short-sleeved shirt, from the fabric to the embroidery to the shape, is very appetizing, and the matching of Lauren Santo Domingo is also wonderful. hand. born. flower. Complicated and beautiful!

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