In summer, I want suspenders to be free

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In summer, I want suspenders to be free

In summer, there is almost no flow of air and fierce sunlight, but when I think of beautiful little suspenders and colorful ice cream, and I look forward to it.

In summer, I want suspenders to be free

Recently, the fashion bloggers on IG have turned on the summer mode, floral skirts, generous collars, crop top... tell us with various dressing styles, sensual, materialistic, The colorful summer has arrived.

In summer, I want suspenders to be free

Among all the items, what I am most excited about is the fault in the outfits of the hot girls - suspenders.

For many girls, the arms are not slender enough, and the anxiety of the body with acne on the back affects our desire to wear suspenders. Maybe we can't alleviate the situation at once, but as long as we find a matching method, You will find that it is not so difficult to wear suspenders well.


The styles of wearing shirts can be varied

For those who want to wear suspenders but dare not show their flesh, wearing a simple basic shirt can solve this problem. Group cp is suitable for both conservatives and sexy babes. Such a relaxed commuting look not only has a refreshing summer atmosphere but also maintains a proper degree of skin exposure. Don't worry about running out.

Supermodels Kendall and Hailey often see such layered and mixed styles in street photography. Usually loose-fitting shirts are paired with chic suit pants, or denim hot pants, which slightly expose the waist skin, giving a proper walking style and boyish feeling.

A shirt can not only prevent sun protection, but also a good hand for concave shape. He half took off his jacket in front of the camera, looking casual but full of charm, adding an elegant and agile beauty to his gestures.


Pull up the hair tail to look neat

Now that you have decided to wear suspenders, You might as well be more confident and bold, such as curling up your hair and revealing your neck and shoulders. Everyone's body has its own beauty, even without the right-angled shoulders of supermodels, the most important thing is to be comfortable.

What's more, on a hot day of 40 degrees, rolling up your hair is also a way to cool off.

The disheveled hair exudes tenderness and gentleness, and the hair will be more neat and capable when the hair is tied up. Wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, the image of a cool girl will appear immediately. Many bloggers on IG love this routine.

It's not that the more you expose your flesh, the fatter you will be. Confidently exposing the most slender parts of your body will make you look thinner, such as neck, wrist, Waist and other parts. Another advantage of coiling up the hair is that it can stretch the neck line and increase the sense of bone.

Most of the suspender styles of the supermodel bellahadid are The hair is all coiled up, revealing the facial features, and the aura is bright and magnificent.

If we don't have bellahadid's three-dimensional slap face, it is not recommended to put the scalp too tight, like below In this way, leave a few whiskers on the forehead to create an elegant sense of casualness.  

You can use the recently popular shark hair crawl , It will look good if you scratch the back of your head casually.


Use jewelry to embellish the chest space

< p> After reading hundreds of pictures of bloggers wearing suspenders, I found that those pictures that look eye-catching at first glance are all decorated with sparkling necklaces around their necks.

Indeed, the existence of jewelry can set off the mental state of the wearer. Some minimalist daily clothes, matched with favorite accessories, can not only increase the atmosphere of dressing, but also make us more happy and confident.

Especially for styles with high skin exposure, If the chest is too empty, it will be tasteless, and some gold, silver, and blingbling jewelry can make the ordinary little suspenders interesting and full of style.

I also have a deep understanding of this, whenever I wear small suspenders, and when I forget to wear jewelry and go out in a hurry, I always have the illusion of streaking. The small suspenders and necklaces I would call excellent cp.

Of course, not only wearing small suspenders, but also wearing some large V-neck, generous collar and other items, the neck will be more glamorous and moving with jewelry as a foil.

The necklace I often wear recently is from APM Monaco. I have also shared APM Monaco with you before. It is no exaggeration to say that in my planting grass Under the circumstances, the girls in our office have become fans of it.

I also picked several necklaces this time, and matched them with 3 looks, which may give you some inspiration for your summer outfits.


Exotic and dynamic beauty

Recently, I love APM Monaco's metal weaving effect necklace so much, it directly fills up the exotic style. The current epidemic is serious. The moment I put it on, I feel like I just got off the plane and I am enjoying the beautiful scenery in Xishuangbanna.

This is the spiritual journey, right?

For 365 There are no dead ends to show the breathtaking beauty of the necklace. I specially put on a deep V suit, carefully showing off the abdominal muscles I gained from working hard day and night.

Knowing that contrasting colors are more eye-catching, the black look can well highlight the refreshing feeling of the blue chain of the necklace. Walking on the road, I met several sisters who praised my necklace for its beauty.

The goal is achieved.

Special necklace The most important thing is that it uses metal to present the weaving effect. Compared with the exotic necklaces I have worn before, it has richer details and is more in line with modern people's aesthetics of traditional exotic styles.

The vivid and bright zircon and cold metal are interlaced, bringing the impact of rigidity and softness, which is super luxurious and romantic.

I deliberately chose the same series of ethnic style earrings. The earrings are very special in style, with micro-inlaid zircon wavy lines, which can enrich the sense of shape.

Whether it is Sisters who like or are indifferent to exotic styles can start with one. The necklace flows around the neck and shoulders, exuding a warm and euphemistic, reserved and elegant glow, which makes the whole person bright and moving (quick praise me).

The ring of the same style also has a lively sense of rhythm, not very exaggerated, low-key and eye-catching to attract the attention of the surrounding.


Interesting vitality Beautiful girl

My usual dressing and accessories always lack a sense of colorful vitality. When I saw APM Monaco's rainbow micro-inlaid necklace, I bought it without hesitation.

The summer is hot, and some colors are needed to wake up a good mood.

The color of this necklace is eye-catching, so my matching idea is to try to be as simple as possible. Wearing a white shirt with puff sleeves and a generous collar in the closet gives people a sense of wearability and fun impression.

If you don’t want a large area of color, you can also try the same series of multi-color hoop earrings, which is also a cautious existence.

Attractive necklace I have a lot of points, such as the combination of colors like a rainbow, inspired by the batik art of Batik, which is both romantic and extremely childlike. Wearing it feels like returning to the carefree age of 18.

Be happy.

Although it is a more colorful and energetic model, the design is not very flickering. It incorporates hand-made micro-inlaid zircon technology. Women can hardly resist its charm.

Dressing The sisters with a more romantic style are quite compatible with it. They are lively and playful, and they are perfectly suitable for the publicity atmosphere of summer.

I love the same series of rainbow rings. I usually wear simple and elegant clothes, but when I wear it, the whole look becomes more interesting.


Simple and sexy Spicy Royal Sister

Finally, I want to share with you my recent favorite stacking series.

Stacking necklaces can increase the layering of the shape. Even a set of clothes with no characteristics can make the look more fashionable through distinctive jewelry.

Sometimes stacking tends to become fancy. In order to avoid this situation, I prefer to mix and match simple and classic styles. APM Monaco is very good at making minimalist and durable styles. The two necklaces I chose can not only be beautiful alone, but also have the style of 1+1>2 when worn together.

First of all Metal double ring necklace. The double rings are tightly fastened and the tightly overlapping design highlights the smartness and elegance. One of the rings is inlaid with zircons. The cool metal and shining zircons complement each other. The details can satisfy the girls' pursuit of low-key and dazzling, with both weight and texture.

Another layered necklace is a metal ring necklace, with pure and neat lines, embellished with bright zircons, simple yet detailed.

Two pendants of different styles form a unique landscape on the neck and shoulders, with a spotlight effect, and the golden and white sparkles are charming and eye-catching, especially suitable for layering styles in early summer.

The earrings wear a metal ring with the same design as the pendant, which is more gorgeous and noble than ordinary rings. The brilliance of the stars is also very high in daily use.

Simple The style does not have an ordinary feeling, but it is refreshing: it turns out that there is no complicated and exaggerated stacking, and it can easily show exquisite charm.

The above are the jewelry that I can't put it down recently. No matter what clothes it is paired with, it can instantly kill the audience.

APM Monaco originated in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 1982. It is a very authentic southern French jewelry brand. The overall style of the brand has a southern French Lohas, leisurely aura, which perfectly balances the sexiness, cuteness and elegance of girls.

Outstanding female founder Ariane and her son Philippe Prette are professional in gold, diamond craftsmanship, after all they have made gemstones for famous jewelers all over the world.

Only professional people can do professional things. The reason why APM Monaco has become famous in the jewelry industry in a short period of time is inseparable from the efforts of the founder: integrating 40 years of exquisite craftsmanship into handmade fashion jewelry among.

APM Monaco

When designing each jewelry, APM Monaco will always use Delicacy, fashion, and a smile are the premise, and we are at the forefront of the trend. APM Monaco, which combines street style, show trends, trend culture and art, can meet the needs of people with different styles for jewelry.  

Summer is getting closer and closer, everyone In addition to buying beautiful suspenders and skirts on demand, don't forget some jewelry that can make the look even better.

Without the embellishment of jewelry, those beautiful clothes always seem to lack a little vitality and brilliance. Another advantage of jewelry is that even if you bump into the same style with a stranger when you go out, you can still win with the jewelry on your neck.

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